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Glendale Christian School is a ministry of Glendale Baptist Church.


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Video Gallery from Glendale Christian School

Photo 1: 3 little girls and one boy smiling while sitting down

Photo 2: 4 girls and two boys in the front of the class with right hand on their hearts, pledging allegiance

Photo 3: Two boys in the foreground pledging allegiance, one smiling

Photo 4: A class in front of a screen, behind the mike, making funny gestures

Photo 5: One boy smiling, two boys drawing with crayons, and one girl looking away

Photo 6: Young boy with jacket on smiling, facing the camera

Photo 7: Teacher in front of the whiteboard pointing toward himself

Photo 8: Class sitting down working on their worksheets

Photo 9: Two girls and two boys at their desks writing

Photo 10: Two teachers in front of the chalkboard smiling

Photo 11: Teacher hugging young lady

Photo 12: Teacher sitting, working one to one with a young boy

Photo 13: Boy wearing "Glendale Christian School" shirt, writing at his desk

Photo 14: Young boy and girl, sitting at their desks, smiling at the camera

Photo 15: Three boys and one girl smiling, facing forward at their desks

Photo 16: Kids making a pose while one girl shoots at the basketball hoop outside

Photo 17: Two kids at the rockwall

Photo 18: Five young boys sitting at the table outside, playing chess.

Photo 19: Three boys in view playing chess

Photo 20: One boy about to move a piece on the chessboard

Photo 21: Three boys standing at the playground

Photo 22: Two boys in focus at the playground

Photo 23: Two boys sitting at the playground

Photo 24: Two young ladies looking forward inside the jungle gym

Photo 25: Young lady crouching with a big smile on her face

Photo 26: Young boy at the playground, smiling and running

Photo 27: Boy hanging from the monkey bars

Photo 28: 6 kids standing outside, holding their drawings

Photo 29: Three boys and seven girls standing outside holding their drawings of people

Photo 30: Six children sitting in a circle reading

Photo 31: Two young ladies smiling, wearing their class uniform

Photo 32: Teacher reading to 4 sitting students

Photo 33: Two young boys sitting and reading

Photo 34: Class sitting at their desks drawing, with two young ladies in focus

Photo 35: Teacher standing up in front of the class, with chalkboard in view behind him

Photo 36: Class pledging allegiance

Photo 37: Class pledging allegiance with the Bible at the forefront

Photo 38: Two young buys, one waving his hands and mouth wide open

Photo 39: Young lady giving a funny smile with chips in hand

Photo 40: Boy flexing his arms

Photo 41: Young man smiling in front of a wall, next to a image that says "Faith"

Photo 42: Two young ladies sitting at their desks reading their workbook

Photo 43: Young lady and young man reading

Photo 44: Young lady smiling while young man looks down at his desk

Photo 45: Two ladies in front of their computer, smiling

Photo 46: Second Grade board with photos of class. Says "Pawesome Class"

Photo 47: Young man staring intently as he writes

Photo 48: Young lady writing at her desk

Photo 49: Young lady smiling facing forward

Photo 50: Young man staring down at his desk

Photo 51: Young lady with glasses looking to the side

Photo 52: Young girl holding a pencil staring forward

Photo 53: Young boy in blue smiling forward

Photo 54: Two young children staring down, wearing class uniform

Photo 55: Girl staring down as she writes.

Photo 56: Young boy staring forward, holding a pencil

Photo 57: Young lady staring intently as she writes

Photo 58: Young girl at her desk drawing

Photo 59: Boy at his desk, writing

Photo 60: Young boy staring forward, smiling

Photo 61: Teacher standing as he illustrates

Photo 62: young boy staring to the right

Photo 63: Young man gazing forward

Photo 64: Young lady reading at her desk

Photo 65: Young lady, standing and smiling toward the ground