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Welcome to Glendale Christian School


Glendale Christian School is a ministry of Glendale Baptist Church.


Beginning December 24th ALL Glendale Baptist Church services will be moved to Glendale West.
The address is 455 58th Ave. SW Vero Beach, Fl 32968



Friday, 12/15 Early Dismissal
12/18 - 1/1 Christmas Break


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Video Gallery from Glendale Christian School

Photo 1: 3 little girls and one boy smiling while sitting down

Photo 2: 4 girls and two boys in the front of the class with right hand on their hearts, pledging allegiance

Photo 3: Two boys in the foreground pledging allegiance, one smiling

Photo 4: A class in front of a screen, behind the mike, making funny gestures

Photo 5: One boy smiling, two boys drawing with crayons, and one girl looking away

Photo 6: Young boy with jacket on smiling, facing the camera

Photo 7: Teacher in front of the whiteboard pointing toward himself

Photo 8: Class sitting down working on their worksheets

Photo 9: Two girls and two boys at their desks writing

Photo 10: Two teachers in front of the chalkboard smiling

Photo 11: Teacher hugging young lady

Photo 12: Teacher sitting, working one to one with a young boy

Photo 13: Boy wearing "Glendale Christian School" shirt, writing at his desk

Photo 14: Young boy and girl, sitting at their desks, smiling at the camera

Photo 15: Three boys and one girl smiling, facing forward at their desks

Photo 16: Kids making a pose while one girl shoots at the basketball hoop outside

Photo 17: Two kids at the rockwall

Photo 18: Five young boys sitting at the table outside, playing chess.

Photo 19: Three boys in view playing chess

Photo 20: One boy about to move a piece on the chessboard

Photo 21: Three boys standing at the playground

Photo 22: Two boys in focus at the playground

Photo 23: Two boys sitting at the playground

Photo 24: Two young ladies looking forward inside the jungle gym

Photo 25: Young lady crouching with a big smile on her face

Photo 26: Young boy at the playground, smiling and running

Photo 27: Boy hanging from the monkey bars

Photo 28: 6 kids standing outside, holding their drawings

Photo 29: Three boys and seven girls standing outside holding their drawings of people

Photo 30: Six children sitting in a circle reading

Photo 31: Two young ladies smiling, wearing their class uniform

Photo 32: Teacher reading to 4 sitting students

Photo 33: Two young boys sitting and reading

Photo 34: Class sitting at their desks drawing, with two young ladies in focus

Photo 35: Teacher standing up in front of the class, with chalkboard in view behind him

Photo 36: Class pledging allegiance

Photo 37: Class pledging allegiance with the Bible at the forefront

Photo 38: Two young buys, one waving his hands and mouth wide open

Photo 39: Young lady giving a funny smile with chips in hand

Photo 40: Boy flexing his arms

Photo 41: Young man smiling in front of a wall, next to a image that says "Faith"

Photo 42: Two young ladies sitting at their desks reading their workbook

Photo 43: Young lady and young man reading

Photo 44: Young lady smiling while young man looks down at his desk

Photo 45: Two ladies in front of their computer, smiling

Photo 46: Second Grade board with photos of class. Says "Pawesome Class"

Photo 47: Young man staring intently as he writes

Photo 48: Young lady writing at her desk

Photo 49: Young lady smiling facing forward

Photo 50: Young man staring down at his desk

Photo 51: Young lady with glasses looking to the side

Photo 52: Young girl holding a pencil staring forward

Photo 53: Young boy in blue smiling forward

Photo 54: Two young children staring down, wearing class uniform

Photo 55: Girl staring down as she writes.

Photo 56: Young boy staring forward, holding a pencil

Photo 57: Young lady staring intently as she writes

Photo 58: Young girl at her desk drawing

Photo 59: Boy at his desk, writing

Photo 60: Young boy staring forward, smiling

Photo 61: Teacher standing as he illustrates

Photo 62: young boy staring to the right

Photo 63: Young man gazing forward

Photo 64: Young lady reading at her desk

Photo 65: Young lady, standing and smiling toward the ground